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Wonder Girls American Debut Performance! (MV, Pics & More!)

Last night, the Jonas Brothers (*ew*) kicked off their world tour with the Wonder Girls! WG has come out with their new music video. Americans probably have no clue who WG is (minus us kpop fans) but screaming crazy for their performance. Fanaccounts, pictures, and other fancams are under the cut!
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KBS Music Bank Accident Much More Severe Than First Reported

Initial news reports over the collapse of KBS Music Bank's lighting structure and SHINee leader Onew's subsequent fainting understated the chaos and severity of the whole debacle. Netizens are suspecting that KBS is trying to keep their endangerment of our favorite pop stars on the down low, but in the Internet era, constricting information on a public event is a near-impossibility. Fancams which show the extent of the accident are starting to pop up, with fans of all groups appalled at the music show's lack of care for their dangerously large equipment.
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Big Name Stars Performed at Asia-Pacific Super Model Competition

The 2nd Asia-Pacific Super Model Competition was held in Seoul recently. Thirty three representatives from China, Korea and Thailand competed for the crown. With only 33 representatives from 3 countries you would think they would be the cream of the crop, but, judging from the pictures, some of them definitely sneaked in. Nonetheless, first place was a representative from Japan, second place was from Korea and third place was from Thailand. I guess there was a limit of one per country.

What does this have to do with kpop? Well, does Super Junior, SS501, Girls Generation and Son Dam Bi ring a bell? All four big names were present at the event to perform their hit songs for the eager crowd.

Super Junior danced and chest popped to their songs Sorry Sorry and It's You, but only It's You was broadcast. While SS501 came out kicking with Kungfu-like moves for their song "Deja Vu". And as a bonus, they also got to pose with the super models. Girls Generation and Son Dam Bi also performed, but their performances were not broadcast. An absurd crime on SBS's part, but it's cool because I got your back homies. Here are fancams of their performances.

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First Episode of SS501’s New MV Released in HD

At 5:01 pm of June 22, 2009, the first episode of SS501's new 20-minute long drama MV was released. It's been a while since the boy band has made a new MV TOGETHER. The mv revolves around a revenge/love story with leader Hyun Joong being featured as a vicious assassin (not that he lacks any sexiness when he plays the bad guy). KyuJong and JungMin also act in other roles as killers/love interests. As the devoted fans can see for themselves, the mv looks cool enough with hot guys driving around in fabulous sports cars and pulling guns at each other. But I got to say, some parts of the editing are pretty rough, not that it will stop me from looking forward to the 2nd episode, which will be released on June 29th.
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Xing Opera

They are making a comeback with their new single, "Hi-Five." Also, they have made a new (another?) version of "My Girl" too. Listen to the vids below and see what your opinion is on the new songs. Sorry for my newbie-ness, I don't know Xing too well. But enjoy ♥
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21st-Jun-2009 04:45 pm - Again & Again Opera Version?!
You've seen many "Again and Again" covers, but this has got to be the first! Viva Voce, an opera group, performs 2PM's "Again and Again" at a different level. Not only do they make an opera version to the song, but imitates 2PM's original dance to it as well. Check out the guy who opera raps to Taecyeon's part @ 1:48. All I can say is LOL. It's even got Taecyeon himself jumping in his seat. Towards the end, the groups got together and performed as one. See this humorous clip for yourself!
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21st-Jun-2009 04:25 pm - back into business.
well, i'm back and school is basically over (two days whatever). this is community is officially reopened w/ it's main point: kpop news w/ occasional other things. i know it doesn't make sense but it is summer and i don't care. i kind of spazzed over and got an obsession over kim hyun joong & ss501 over my hiatus over here and totally went from a "cassie" to a "triple". no, it's not just from boys over flowers. i was a ss501 fan before the big drama came and took over the news (and isn't go away anytime soon.) lots of things are coming up! i think?

somethings i want to say;
4Minute sounds pretty cool, their debut song isn't too bad and they remind me of a younger after school. i can't really compare 2NE1 to 4Minute yet, so let's see what they can bring to the table. TVXQ, no offense, they need to come back to korea. end of story. i could say so much more but i would get blasted from the little cassies. bwah. i hear Big Bang is coming with their new japanese single! I don't know if I am excited or not. I kind of miss the Big Bang versus TVXQ thing.
as a family outing fan, i will miss chunderella & park ye-chungba-ji. of course, the family must go on and film and provide me with more laughs. i hope the two newbies do great and do well! ♥
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